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Yvette RachelleHot Top Model/Actress/Kung Fu Master, but in The Film She's  The Assassin, "Petra."  A Russian Assassin in "Mark of The Cobra."  She's an ambitious assassin that plays by no one's rules... but her own!
Meadow Williams, The Hot Actress, but in The Film
She's "Britches," The 
Main Squeeze of The Head of The Drug Cartel.   This Perky Brunette may look like the girl next door... but  she's only complete with  a dagger in hand!

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 REMEMBER, don't confuse my RADIO PERSONALITY with my personal life.  I'm on the show once in a while or Howard plays some on my crazy stuff.  I'm CRAZY on the Howard Stern Show, but  I live a regular life that includes work, exercise and living as healthy as I can. I don't think about myself as famous or a big shot either.  I first met Howard Stern in person inside The Brentano's Book Store when he was doing his "Miss America" Book Signing around late 90's. That's the above closeup photo of him and I.  Then, he announced The "Robin's Song Parody Contest" where I won 1st place and Howard invited me to the show in late 90's.   Howard invited me back to the TV/Radio show 4-5 more times because I was a finalist on 2 other contest & also invited me in to be part of a panel of judges for Topless Playboy Models & also 2 do my own radio show.   I'm a regular caller of the show and I'm proud to say that meeting everybody in person & interacting with them has always been great.   I'm no Big Shot nor famous.  I'm just known on the show & by the fans of the show.  Like a family of NUTS.  It's a long story!!!  The show is full of surprises & the uncensored content makes the show the best of the world.   Celebrities' interviews, Comedy, Nudity, Sexual Humor, News & serious talk about all topics make the show complete & UNique!  No BLEEPS!  THIS SITE's just to show PHOTOS &  FUN!   I know, Crowded Site! ...  Page made by my Professional Crazy Mind & not by a PRO webmaster.  Just What I Want!  70 MPH W/Chair!   W/Chair beats Plane     Things I said & say on The Howard Stern Show or for the SHOW are Just for the show.  It's like a CRAZY Character I do on the Show like you see Actors or Comedians say things on stage or in a movie!!!  Howard has invited me to the show over 5 times as contest winner, finalist 3 times, Radio host and as a judge of Playboy modelsI Have also been on other Stern Show's channel(101). #2...Those few Haters (Numb Nuts) on SFN & Facebook  I Told you "guys" I MADE this Crazy, Crowded, Silly, Old School Website myself & I made it Like I Wanted it to be.  It won't change just because U don't like parts of it.  I do fix, arrange, add & delete stuff often 4 my own taste. So,  Relax!!!  Is  my own fun about my happenings & to inform fans about ME on The Howard Stern Show.  There are millions of nice Stern fans and also millions of silly haters. No Nudity or Porn here!  Below I'm standing up with my shoe braces and showing off my hard abs... LOLPS. Ignore the mess on my page. Updating often! ...     PS I Salute The Best Musketeers of New York and they are all as SWEET as CANDY: Madeline, Laura, Emma, Dawn, Esmeralda, Paulette. Great GirlsBest wishes for 2014!!!
  I got a Hollywood movie role in 2013, but still not yet filmed.  A HOLLYWOOD Producer approached me for "Mark of The Cobra" and he's also looking for 1-2 model type women for  a role!  Don't believe me?  Visit the Film's Page and you'll see I'm Mentioned on "Company" and "Press" Tabs.  Feel free to contact Mark on Twitter below.  In the movie I will be called "LOCO." It means CRAZY and I'll be with the Drug Cartel.  It's about a KUNG FU Master vs a Drug Cartel 

ABOUT  my site, Page #5 has hundreds of useful links and the oldies Music Videos on page #3 are fun! My website is about My Encounters with Howard, The Howard Stern Show. why IN THE WORLD of Howard Stern I'm known as HAM HANDS BILL?  my photos at the Show, graphics, some celebrities I met, Games & to remind you that what you see or hear me doing on the Howard Stern Show goes according to my radio personality which started years ago because of a Song Parody Contest I won and that is ONLY FOR THE SHOW  and it shouldn't be thought of as THE REAL ME CLICK HERE TO KNOW who Howard Stern IS, he's a TV/Radio crazy, smart almost billionaire who is also a family man who I know for many years & I explain below.  REMEMBER, THIS CRAZY WEBSITE I made is what you see and more!  IT's a long story if you aren't a fan the show.  I'll explain.  Just ask. Listen to Howard Stern Breaking News Clip of... my Hollywood Film's announcement  below and more....CLICK->Quien es Howard Stern... My Skills?   Graphic-Designer, Photo-Restoration, Desktop-Publisher, Spanish &  English Instructor, Computer-Instructor, Song-Parody-Writer, Actor  To Be?   LOL, but Truth!!!  Drawing/Painting, I'm Expert giving massages & a bit of Martial-Arts. I won Karate fights and fists fight too, but now its all good... peace!

2 Photo Albums of Sexy Actresses of My 1st Hollywood movie role "Mark of The Cobra."  The 2 stars have main roles, but we are still looking for 2 other Ladies to be in a few scenes!!!  The Action Film I was hired to be on is about a Kung-Fu Teacher Vs Drug CarTel.   Updates are below Dancing woman.   CONTACT The Producer, writer and Kung-Fu Master of Mark of The Cobra-> Mark Hoadley.  
Because of the nature of the Howard Stern Show is uncensored & ON SATELLITE RADIO all the songs I've done have been wild, explicit, provocative with adult content and humor.  Remember that SATELLITE RADIO is a paid service just like when you go to the movies, buy a book or pay for HBO and NOTHING gets BLEEPED because of its freedom!   Only on FM or AM Radio you can't say bad words because is PROHIBITED!   The calls I make to the show are also explicit and provocative,  usually with sexual content.  Because I'm known by the show from that sexual Robin's song I made years ago, my crazy calls and the show comments I continue to call in with the same adult type of comments.  Howard Stern, his crew and the fans enjoy listening to my off the wall thoughts and questions.  They know I'm not crazy and they know I don't do those things in real life.  My nickname on the show... "Ham Hands Bill" started with the show's staff referring to Robin's father as Ham Hands and because I did a song parody as Robin's Father, which won me a contest on the show and  the nickname stuck. I'm not going to call the show with regular normal questions.  It  wouldn't be interesting to Howard or the fans!  Howard Stern doesn't pick up calls related to boring questions or comments!  By the way, the music in my website might not be of your top 100, but is part of my 100 top songs, which is what counts.   Ja, Ja!  ALSO, What I do on the show is just an ACT and part of a made up CRAZY personality!  Of course that just like most Hetero men/Women I have sexual thoughts. Well, my imagination/creativity might have extra spice, but I say and ask those things on the air JUST to SHOCK!!!
!!!!!      TAKE A LOOK AT PAGE 2, 3, 4, 5 and if you are a listener-Fan of  the show email me at...        http://hamhandsbill@yahoo.com 
THE OTHER 4 PAGES R crowded and a Mess! ... Don't bother going there 4 now.   I need 2 take my time organizing it!
THE CASEY ANTHONY Things I've added here and on Facebook are just for fun  and years ago. She's cute with her long hair and who wouldn't admire her looks?  Below is Wackpack Super Fan Roundtable HOWARD STERN "101" Radio Show: September 1st 2011Show #298 Guests : Beetlejuice & Bobby Rooney, Fred the Elephant Boy, High Pitch Eric, Mariann From Brooklyn, Jeff the Drunk,
Ham Hand Bill, a live studio audience of Stern Fans & on the phone both Wendy & Gary the Retards, Ass Napkin Ed and more!!!
Show aired live every Wednesdays at 7p with replays @ night & weekends. Show's gone!
Friends can call into the show @ 1-888-STERN-101

We did a Wackpack roundtable filled w/ wackpackers & fans in studio. We had representatives from the old school Wackpack & the newer additions. Things like, how has being in he Wackpack affected you,  pros & cons, what do your family & friends think, has your association w/ the show helped you financially, does Howard take advantage of the Wackpack or is it the other way around, should the Wackpack be paid by Howard, why does there seem to be less Wackpack involvement in the show, etc. I'm also looking at who is / isn't in the Wackpack. All Wackpackers & Stern Fans are encouraged to call in to join our discussion.

America's Got Talent 2014-13-12!!!  Thanks Howard 4 giving me V.I.P Passes & 4 continuing 2 make me a V.I.P!!!  Howard Stern and Robin, "You are a true V.I.P Ham Hands BiLL."  CLICK on PHOTOS To ENLARGE.  Videos included here! Album above on the center!

IF YOU ARE A LISTENER/FAN OF THE Howard Stern SHOW, Email me at ... http://hamhandsbill@yahoo.com 


MY 1st Acting Role (Hollywood FILM).....  Click Here to see a VIDEO of the type of Action to expect in This, MY Film...      MARK OF THE COBRA" by Hollywood Producer, Actor & Kung Fu Master Mark Hoadley & Director, Actor and Kung Fu Master Art Camacho.   Action,   Adventure,  Drama,  Revenge & more! "The Film will feature Rap Icons, Hip Hop Stars, Radio Personalities such as HamHands Bill, Martial Artists and International Action Stars!"     Film's in process of getting the rest of the cast, etc.  DROP ME A LINE!!! Click All 3 Photos to visit The Film's website, Producer & Director's Facebook!   2 Great Guys with killer Limbs...    

Howard Stern Show talks about my movie role...        CLICK to LISTEN  ------>
 Howard Stern TALKS about me (Ham Hands BiLL) with Jon Lieberman from news Dept!  CLICK to Pause and CLICK Next CLIP-->

Click for Mark of The Cobra's Facebook!!!    THE STAR of this ACTION film is a REAL  Kung-Fu Master!!!
Click for HamHandsBill's Facebook        I took Martial Arts as a boy, but tiny compared to Mark Hoadley or Art Camacho!!!
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of  "Mark of the Cobra" is seeking a few beautiful women 18 to 25, no exceptions. They must be Playboy or Penthouse material, newcomers to the business are welcome as well, to POSSIBLY participate in a contest on a national radio show, you must email the producer a bikini body shot, no airbrush models! We are currently in the process of getting a green light from the radio producers, however 2 actresses will ultimately be cast. If we move forward with the contest, Judging the contest will be radio personality Hamhands Bill, he will select 2 winning contestants, they will be cast in the film. If it's REQUIRED you must be willing to travel to New York. Reply to: mantis42@verizon.net To learn more about the film visit http://markofthecobra.com or follow progress on our new twitter account http://markofthecobra@twitter.com     
ACTUAL LINK FOR THE AD... http://losangeles.craigslist.org/wst/tfr/2859072543.html

Unique regular Photos of Me, Howard/Beth, Benji's ex-GF Bikini! Me Standing w/Family... ALBUM ABOVE TO THE RIGHT. Click ALBUM to Enlarge... CLICK to C video of my slippery GRIP Pull-ups..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eUbeyDyLXYs

FREE INTERNET<-...  I FOUND and I'm always looking for things that benefit MY LIFE and people's ways of life, like Lifetime Warranty Computers, Protection from Cellphone/Wifi's Radiation, Oil Pulling, best products, SALES, $19.99 Unlimited Everything Cellphone Plan and more! as U can read a few ABOVE my 38 unique photos where U can click/See a few Videos... AND... I like 2 SHARE what I find and ENJOY so U can also live better, save money and feel BETTER!!!   My wild Radio Personality is just 4 the Radio/Howard Stern!!!
Only this 1st page is semi-updated... STILL ORGANIZING SITE

Lori, The BLONDE girl below,  is a Super fan of the show who was there with us as an invited guest by the host on this day as U see on the above group photo, "The SuperFan Roundtable." We R all just Facebook friends & this was the 1st Time  I met her!  Lori takes photos with many friends & Celebrities.  Read her comments about pic on my facebook!!!

Howard Stern's Birthday Party/Bash-Jan/2014 @ Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City!   Thanks Howard Stern for giving me V.I.P & Red Carpet Pass and 4 continuing to make me a V.I.P on your show and other events!!!  Photos Taken by my Date/Friend/Marketing Expert Heather (in RED dress)and I... CLICK HERE to watch VIDEO after party. I'M 26 seconds into it.   New Year's Eve Pool Party VID AND PICS->

These 2 Actresses will be in MY ACTION FILM, "Mark of The Cobra."  Don't be FOOLED by their beauty.  Click each EYE for their FACEBOOK and say HELLO... and CLICK their HEARTS for their BIO!!!

2013 MTV Video Awards where Miley Sirus danced with Robin Thicke... Twerking,  All in fun and to shock, but many women before her did sexy stuff and now was her choice to do it.  No big deal!  4Get about Hanna Montana and your sweet ideas of her.  Want Hanna Montana, watch re-runs!!!  Noticed that some older women and some moms now hate Miley?
Miley GREW UP- Funny/Fun->
A YEAR AGO I researched and started  EMF Protection & Oil Pulling and EARTHING.  Cellphone/Wifi Radiation effect on people and...  Why EMF Protection? >Click VID<>SClickVidEE<CLICK>I USE THIS<CLICK>I Use a 4000 Negt Ions wristband<>Click here 2 Watch this VIDEO<>Click-PART #2<Click>#3>- EMF protection!!!  WHY Oil Pulling?...#1-Click> http://oilpulling.com Article -Click>#2, ArticleClick> #3Article-> Click>#4, #5-CLICK>OIL I CHOSE! #6-Click>Amazing Health, -Click>#7, -Click>#8-Tratamiento en Espanol. --Click>#9<.  My site is Crowded, a Mess and Old School! Just Enjoy the Pics, read info and see these important Videos!   Not everything in life is a party, but it cost nothing 2 live it with a SMILE!          2 understand a lil bit of The Howard Stern Show read below...    Oh... I'll eventually re-do this website later!

ABOVE Album... New YEARS EVE PARTY. CLICK SLIDESHOW TO SCROLL through photos.  Click here to see MY VIDEO inside Party !!!   VIDEO with PARTY-ANTHOM.  Video with-PARTY-kiss.  People jumped into the Pool at 2AM! Best place to be on DECEMBER 31st.  I'LL B there! 

My VIP Red Carpet invitation to Premier/Screening of  "The Chemist" with My Brothers: Director Art Camacho & Producer Tom Renner!  Same Director as my FILM described above! More Photos Coming!
Album ABOVE! Me having fun. To see my demonstration on eliminating Radiation in my body>>>  CLICK my Youtube channel<-    MY VIDEO ON OIL PULLING  ANOTHER healthy thing I do is Abdominals and pull-ups< See results in these photos ABOVE... >My 3 healthy things VIDEO<  > CLICK My Orchard Beach Video   OIL PULLING.COM <-CLICK